Dream of the ’90s – sewingneedle bring the noise (rock)

sewingneedle – User Error (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

By Jason Thompson

sewingneedle would be good on Chic-A-Go-Go, the local Chicago TV dance show for kids. If the likes of Bobby Conn are cemented in its hallowed historic on-air performances, and if dudes like Jandek can get spun on there with no irony for the locals to shake it to, then these guys can do it as well. They have that whole ‘90s indie college thing going for them, and Urge Overkill isn’t doing anything these days.

User Error sounds like Shudder To Think doing some Helmet doing some SST on 4AD while I swim through another Café Bustelo. It’s well produced, heavee, and doesn’t speak to anyone currently listening to Ariana Grande or Pink Floyd. What are Axl and Slash doing these days, anyway? Tool’s on the horn asking for a cup of collegiate sludge. Give it to them because their fans are getting on in their middle age.

These ten songs are subtle in their lack of happiness. Even MC5 boogied. I want to hear “Feel Good Music” and “Philistine” at some middle school dance. This is the kind of grit that makes your elbows itch. This is Employee of the Month stuff. This is what it feels to be trapped in a plaid polymer sitting on a leather sofa with buttons holding it all together. Simulated wood grain walls and shag carpeting from some abandoned hotel/steak joint with the latest Pioneer hi-fi pushing it into the red.

Lulu’s back in town and Lolo’s trying to make a comeback.

Available for sale on tape (only 5 left!) at: https://alreadydeadtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ad283-sewingneedle-user-error

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