Endless Chasm and Dosis Letalis – Born of Flame

Endless Chasm & Dosis Letalis started off 2019 with purpose, joining forces to produce the collaborative album Channeling Fire for Big Pharma (available on limited edition cassette and digital – https://bigpharmarecords.bandcamp.com/album/channeling-fire). They have both done releases for the Kansas noise/experimental labeling the past, but provide a fresh sound with this offering. 

Dosis Letalis is the project of Serbia’s Nemanja Nikolić, a heavy hitter in the harsh noise realm, with over a hundred appearances in his discography. Endless Chasm is a maker of moody ambient pieces from Kansas who brings to mind dark electronics with dozens of examples to reinforce that.

Rising sounds evoke a race car infinitely shifting gears and reaching higher rpms on a hellish racetrack, while underneath a spacious vibration is drones along. Always seeming to rise but never stopping, the tone is unsettling and builds tension. The rolling static that is a hallmark of harsh noise wall is present throughout, along with ambient sounds. This relaxing trance inducing quality is not always appreciated in noise, understandable when greeted with an audio flamethrower, but it is there. 

There are moments when you start to question if the gentler sounds are imagined or a byproduct of the high decibel assault. Channeling Fire is like a warming flame that overtime becomes an enveloping inferno. 

Mixing styles does not always go as planned and can risk becoming novelty. However, blending the similar qualities of dark drone and harsh noise wall, you get heightened, drifting meditative pieces. The differences or opposing aspects help create a third type of music, which in lesser-skilled hands could be a failure. I sincerely hope this is not a one shot deal and that in the future these two meet again, but for now we have this half hour of fire.

– Jeff Brown

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