Fallen – The Sound of Fog

On his newest offering, Tout est silencieux (Triple Moon Records), Lorenzo Bracaloni blends field recordings processed through his laptop with traditional instruments to create a cinematic sound filled with emotion. Lorenzo Bracaloni is an Italian sound artist who has numerous releases under the monikers of The Child Of A Creek and Fallen. He started his music career playing folk music, which over the years has developed into a deep and complex ambient sound.

Tout est silencieux is the aural equivalent of stretching out your limbs and reflecting on moments in your past. It brings to mind a quiet afternoon in an attic – dust swirling as you dig into old film canisters, photo albums greeting you with creaking page turns. There is a familiarity to these sounds, like a warm story told to an old friend, one where you both know every detail, but enjoy every second of its retelling all the same. Conversely, It also conjures longing for people and places gone, and having to live in a world that carries only their memory. Finally, it acts like a blurry dream, a twinge of sadness sourced from memories and nostalgia. 

Though there is a familiarity with these sounds, chances are taken throughout these six tracks. Perhaps the best way to approach this is as a new score to an old home movie that you haven’t viewed in years. Taking a vague idea or hard to describe environment and recreating them for two speakers is a task best left to great artists, and Fallen has proven to be one of them.

– Jeff Brown

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