More Eaze – unnatural._light. (Rat Tail Tapes)

More Eaze is a treasure – prolific and diverse, he excels at every sonic style and subsequent permutation he explores. On unnatural._light. we find More Eaze working with more traditional structures, at least on the first side. Composed of three short songs in which sparse guitar accompanies soft vocals, it’s an intimate affair, proffering a sound reminiscent of ‘90s home tapers. Side closer “nature’s attempt” goes one further, bringing to mind the slowcore sound pioneered by Codeine.

These tracks are a reminder of the deft songwriting present in his earliest work under his given name, Marcus Rubio. Though he has worked in song form since to great effect – (frail) is truly one of the best damn albums I’ve ever heard, and a fantastic example of reconciling experimental and traditional elements across a recording – the nakedness of these songs, replete with tape hiss, helps this material stick out as unique among his dozen(!) 2017 releases.

Side 2 is a different thing entirely, and more connected to his recent output. A 14+ minute-long electronic piece, “palm On palm” is similarly sparse as the previous tracks, but uses different instrumentation to convey a similar feel. The piece develops slowly, making effective use of negative space.

Though this release could be construed as containing two separate albums, there are corollaries in the hiss and silence utilized on both sides, and the juxtaposition works to create a more complete statement, a union of the sum of its parts.

Though the tape, released through Dane Rousay’s Rat Tail Tapes, is long out-of-print, it is well worth picking up the digital release through the label or off of More Eaze’s personal Bandcamp page.

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