Adderall Canyonly – Limits of All Known Ice (Lighten Up Sounds)
I don’t know Adderall Canyonly personally but I’m well aware of his work via past tapes, and his excellent curation of the mind bending Field Hymns label.  Yet, I’m trying to come in on this one as free of bias as possible (difficult these days)!  Alas, music reviews is a motherfucker.
First of all, I must point out that I absolutely love the cover art on this thing, reminding me of prime Sun City Girls, Skaters, Telecult Powers, Double Leopards, etc… – that whole trip, occult weirdo dark psychedelic zone.  Much like the artwork itself, the music is cosmic and haunted, a true window into a private ritual perhaps we shouldn’t be privy to.
The first track opens with a lumbering stoner sludge groove ala a super baked Ween taking on the Melvins (but not really at all).  Serious rinsing out the third eye gunk realms here!  A shamanic organ drone oozes steadily throughout, grounded by deep groovy bass giving the whole thing an atmosphere of impending doom and dread.  There’s also haunted Goblin esque whispers cutting through the nightmare haze.
Around seven minutes (in Heaven?), these cosmic synth swirls float around like space bubbles.  Its analogous to that pre peaking feeling common with psylocybin voyaging, that untouched holy purity.  Adderall C knows and explores those untapped slippery liminal zones.  Eventually the track builds up to some major musique concrete mystic realms but it still “rocks”.
The second (and final piece) opens with an ominous, haunted atmosphere of thick distorted synth slabs and builds into a sort of bluesy cyber lurch dirge.  It drifts into this Ummagumma esque Floyd jam with lasery slide guitar (or is that synth?, does it matter?)  It’s totally groovy, blasted and grade G-gnarly.
The journey dissolves around 11 minutes in with a locked groove, transitioning into a minimal synth drone. Folks, this is really hypnotic stuff, with AC exploring some alien wastelands, absolute transmissions from beyond.
Soon to be constant reader/listener, I encourage you to wade through the murk.  Pack that keef (or not) and dig in.
-D. Drucker

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