Unknown For Now – Lyric’s Inspirational Hip-Hop

I first met Lyric – aka Stephon Baldwin – when he was in high school. As an attendee of a music mentorship program I was involved with, he displayed a discipline and work ethic not common in someone his tender age. After a few months of classes, it was a revelation to see him command the stage with well-rehearsed talent and natural charisma.

Fast forward several years and Lyric has just dropped his first full length album, unknown. It’s a heady affair, the culmination of a lifetime’s experiences and lessons. Lyric infuses his rhymes with positivity, but it is not fluffy or simplistic – rather, he acknowledges battling with the darkness as he strives toward the light.

The music rocks a smooth ‘70s vibe, heavy on jazzy funk and often just a few BPMs past slow jam territory. Lyric’s facile flow plays perfectly off this feel. Trap hi-hats are eschewed in favor of well-placed 808 drops and funky drum samples.

Lyric will be performing unknown in its entirety Sunday, July 28 at the Blu Room, in Dubuque, Iowa. The show will be all ages. Doors are at 5 pm and there is no cover charge. Sharing the bill are local psych rockers Pure Service and jazzy R&B singer/songwriter Brion Bowman.

– Bob Bucko, Jr.


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