VoidDweller, whose Illegal Content album we reviewed here, returns with  a new single, “Snakes.” The video, shot by Angelo Rossi – who has established himself as a photographic documentarian of many Iowa bands and scenes – and manipulated in post by Mr. VoidDweller himself, features the artist sitting down at a desk in something of an interrogation room and working his way through a slab of raw meat. This simple video juxtaposes this uneasy act with an air of mundanity, creating an obscured and dark undercurrent that befits the claustrophobic composition.

“Snakes” begins with VoidDweller rhyming bars above deep 808 wobbles and bass drops with dense Bomb Squad production fleshing out the stereo spectrum. Two minutes into the song, the beat strips down, then launches into a vicious breakdown, followed by a sustained buzz that signals a noise outro.

“Snakes” is an excellent 3 minute-long distillation of the multiple aspects of VoidDweller’s sound. Check it out below:

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