When You Go Out To Vote

Happy Halloween! I know it’s spooky out today, but what’s scarier than the prelude to All Soul’s Day? Election Tuesday! That said, your vote has the potential to make our national shitshow slightly less terrible. At the very least, your vote may help protect the rights of women, persons of color, non-American citizens, queer folks, and everyone else under assault by this bogus administration and the right wing in general. Dismantle the system, for sure, but in the meantime – do that civic duty thing!

Thollem and ACVilla, artists and activists both, have assembled a video to motivate you to get off yer butt next Tuesday. Featuring Ravish Momin on electronic drums and guitarist Rod Hohl, Thollem’s facile keys and playful vocals outline all the important reasons to vote. Check it out, and don’t forget to vote!

‘Even if you think the whole system’s rigged
Always against the poor in favor of the rich
Why not just go out and vote maybe you’ll meet somebody nice
There’s going to be lots of friendly people standing there in line

They’re going to be so glad to greet you
It’s very easy, they’ll show you how it’s done
Everyone will appreciate it so much

When you go out to vote
Ride your bike, drive a car or a boat
When you go out to vote
It might be cold so grab your coat
(Or maybe because of global warming you’ll need to wear shorts in November)

You know what they say
If you care about clean water
If you care about clear air
If you care about each other
If you concerned about women’s health care
If you care about people of color
If you care about LGBTQ
If you care about being free
Voting is one of the best ways to be neighborly’

– Thollem, “When You Go Out To Vote”

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